Window Tint

Smooth, Clean,
Finished to Perfection

Triix Customs is the one-stop shop for all your window tinting needs. We are experts at window tinting and provide professional tint matching services for cars, trucks, motorcycles, heavy equipment, as well as residential and commercial applications.

When you need professional window tint in Grand Forks, ND we are here to give you the best window applications available.

Ceramic Film Tint Upgrade Options:

  • ATR (Low Grade)
  • CTX (Mid Grade)
  • IRX (Best Grade)

Our window tint is the high-quality Llumar brand, which provides effective 99.9% UV block and offers many shade choices to suit any vehicle, home or business. With our many years of experience, we provide a smooth, clean window tint that is finished to perfection.

Why tint your auto windows? Window tinting can protect the interior of your car from UV rays that damage the fabrics and leather in your car. It can also keep your car cooler in the summer and prevent the UV rays from hurting your eyes when you drive.

With our multiple tinting options, our service team can help you choose the exact shade to suit your vehicle or home. If it has windows, we can tint them with professional tint to protect or improve the look of any vehicle, office or residence.

Ask to speak to our window tinting expert today, and see all the options we offer for your vehicles, equipment, home or commercial building.

See us for all the options we can provide for your ride: